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Solaris release update version

Sometimes I just do not bother to label images I burn onto CD’s/DVD’s. The other day I grabbed a DVD that contained a copy of Solaris 10, but I needed to know what release update it was. To find out mount the disc and look at release file in SUNWsolnm package: bash-3.00# cd /Solaris_10/Product/SUNWsolnm/reloc/etc bash-3.00# […]

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Viewing devaliases inside Solaris

Usually, when you need to view or manipulate content of EEPROM you can use eeprom command in Solaris. However, it’s not of much use if you need to view current device aliases. There is a simple way to do so using prtconf command. Just look for section aliases: bash-3.00# prtconf -vp Node 0xf002d470 disk: ‘/pci@9,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/disk@0,0:b’ […]

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SC/RSC console setup

Many Sun servers have this nifty little “feature” called Net Management port. When connected to the network and configured it allows SC access over the network. It’s just like being hooked up directly to the ALOM port. Depending on the server model you can telnet or ssh to the server to gain access. Given this […]

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Mounting an ISO image in Solaris

The other day I needed to mount an ISO image in Solaris. It turns out there is a simple way to do that using lofiadm command. Using lofiadm you can link a file with a block device that can be mounted later as a regular filesystem. First the file has to be linked to a […]

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