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Useful Sun Cluster commands

Some useful Sun Cluster commands Shut down a resource group: scswitch -F -g [RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME] Bring up a resource group: scswitch -Z -g [RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME] Move failover resource group to node_name: scswitch -z -g [RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME] -h [NODE_NAME] Restart resource group: scswitch -R -h [NODE_NAME] -g [RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME] Evacuate all resources from node_name: scswitch -S -h [NODE_NAME] Disable resource: […]

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Replacing disk controlled by SVM

The following scenario assumes two mirrored disks, with two state database replicas located on slice 7 of both disks. High level steps for this are as follows: determine failed disk detach failed submirrors clear failed submirror metadevices and database replicas from failed disk unconfigure the failed disk and replace it configure the new disk and […]

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NFS4 Invalid inbound domain name

It seems that starting with Solaris 06/07 nfs4_domain is required in sysidcfg file, otherwise jumpstart will go interactive. You can force a value for example or you can set it to be dynamic. In that case the value will be derived from the name service in use. Solaris 10 has nfsmapid daemon that maps […]

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