Useful Sun Cluster commands

Some useful Sun Cluster commands

Shut down a resource group:
scswitch -F -g [RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME]

Bring up a resource group:
scswitch -Z -g [RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME]

Move failover resource group to node_name:
scswitch -z -g [RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME] -h [NODE_NAME]

Restart resource group:

Evacuate all resources from node_name:
scswitch -S -h [NODE_NAME]

Disable resource:
scswitch -n -j [RESOURCE]

Enable resource:
scswitch -e -j [RESOURCE]

Clear STOP_FAILED on resource:
scswitch -c -j [RESOURCE] -h [NODE_NAME] -f STOP_FAILED

Disable resource’s fault monitor:
scswitch -n -M -j [RESOURCE]

Enable resource’s fault monitor:
scswitch -e -M -j [RESOURCE]

Enable resource’s fault monitor:
scswitch -e -M -j [RESOURCE]

Lists currently configured DID’s:
scdidadm -L

Put a new device under cluster control:

Displays status of the cluster, resources, resource groups, etc.:

Display useful setup info about cluster nodes, cluster transport, disksets, etc.:
scconf -p -v

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  1. Written by Brian Keith
    on March 26, 2008 at 16:31
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    Dude! Would you be willing to either let me copy your “Useful Sun Cluster commands” to the Sun Cluster Wiki (with full attribution and a link to this page) or let me add a link to this page from the Sun Cluster Wiki (http:/

    Thanks. 🙂


    BrianK, whatever you prefer…
    -some dude

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  3. Written by aashok
    on November 4, 2009 at 05:15
    Reply · Permalink

    Thanks dude, sometime what we are looking is not able to get from the commands, as output is not given, I suggestion is while writing if we can add commands output it looks really nice and solve the whole purpose of learning.

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