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Booting alternate device using reboot command

The other day after mirroring root disk I needed to test new devalias I made for backup root disk to see if the system would boot from it. Since my servers are headless and I was not “inclined” to console into it I wondered if it was somehow possible to reboot the system and have […]

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Using CVS with SMF

Most services in Solaris 10 are controlled by SMF. SMF uses xml files to define services it manages. I had a need to quickly create a service manifest for CVS. The inetconv command takes an input file with inetd.conf format and converts it into basic SMF manifest and imports it into the SMF repository. In […]

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Increasing number of NFS servers on Sun Cluster

By default Solaris 10 starts 16 NFS servers to handle NFS requests. You can tune this by editing /etc/default/nfs file. # Maximum number of concurrent NFS requests. # Equivalent to last numeric argument on nfsd command line. NFSD_SERVERS=16 Changing above variables did not seem to have any effects on how many NFS server Sun Cluster […]

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Moving LUN’s between hosts using metarecover

Sometimes you might need to move a LUN between hosts X and Y on a SAN. Solaris has cool command, metarecover, that lets you do just that. First, you will need to stop all processes on X that might be using the given LUN. Then unmount the LUN and present it to the host Y. […]

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