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Quick and dirty ZFS cheatsheet

Create simple striped pool: zpool create [pool_name] [device] [device] … zpool create datapool c5t433127A900011C370000C00003210000d0 c5t433127B4001031250000900000540000d0 Create mirrored pool: zpool create [pool_name] mirror [device] [device] … zpool create datapool mirror c5t433127A900011C370000C00003210000d0 c5t433127B4001031250000900000540000d0 Create Raid-Z pool: zpool create [pool_name] raidz [device] [device] [device] … zpool create datapool raidz c5t433127A900011C370000C00003210000d0 c5t433127B4001031250000900000540000d0 c5t439257C4000019250000900000540000d0 Transform simple pool to a mirror: […]

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