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Mounting Linux NFS share: Not owner

I was trying to mount a RHEL 4 NFS share in Solaris 10. But for whatever reason I just could not seem to get it mounted. It would always come back with “Not owner” error: bash-3.00# mount -F nfs carbon:/media/cdrecorder /mnt/carbon nfs mount: mount: /mnt/carbon: Not owner So, I checked and rechecked my settings with […]

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Weird disk label after using ZFS on a LUN

If you ever used ZFS on a LUN and then tried to reuse that LUN for UFS you might have noticed a “weird” disk label on it. This is known as EFI label. Here is how it looks in format command: partition> p Current partition table (original): Total disk sectors available: 73383902 + 16384 (reserved […]

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