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Deleting Solaris Container

And finally for “completeness” of my Solaris Containers notes, here is a procedure to delete a container. You can not remove a container that is active. You have to halt it first. Start by finding out what containers are configured and what state they are in: bash-3.00# zoneadm list -cv   ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP    0 global           running    /                              native   shared    – ns1              installed  /export/home/zones/ns1         native   shared First you […]

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Logging into Engineering Mode on Clariion Array

I have been playing around with a new Clariion array and it turns out that there is this thing call “Engineering Mode” that allows some extra functionality. It is especially useful when connecting hosts manually. Normally, PowerPath takes care of host registration on the array, but I am using Sun’s Leadville drivers, so I have […]

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