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Resetting ILOM root password on Sun Blade 6000 chassis

So, I inherited Sun Blade 6000 chassis with a few blades. Of course, without password to get into ILOM or anything else. No problem, reset will take care of it. I did a quick search and came up with Sun Blade 6000 Modular System Installation Guide. No joy. Then I found  set /CMM/users/root password Enter new password again: ******** New password was successfully set for user /CMM/users/root   […]

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Flashing firmware on SunFire T2000

Not so long ago I had to flash firmware on SunFire T2000. It’s not a complicated thing. I need to do something with Service Controller and in the process I found out that there is no scadm utility on T2000. Why? I am not completely sure. Maybe someone can chime in. It’s probably because T2000 […]

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Unable to access console login prompt from ALOM

Not so long ago, I logged into System Controller of SunFire T2000 running Solaris 10 and tried to access server’s console. For some reason, usual console command did not work. It simply did not return anything. I figured maybe something was stuck, so I reset System Controller and tried again. Again, I got nothing, which […]

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Forcing network speed and duplex in Open Boot prompt

I had a Sun box attached to a switch I had not control over and I needed to jumpstart it. Unfortunately, I was getting nowhere. After crosschecking everything in my setup the only thing I did not try was to force speed and duplex on the Sun box to see if it would start booting. […]

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SC/RSC console setup

Many Sun servers have this nifty little “feature” called Net Management port. When connected to the network and configured it allows SC access over the network. It’s just like being hooked up directly to the ALOM port. Depending on the server model you can telnet or ssh to the server to gain access. Given this […]

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