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Another take on Dynamic Volume Resize in RHEL 6

Being able to resize an LVM volume without reboot is quite handy. I had described one way here. This is a slightly different take on the same topic, this time on RHEL 6. I had resized /dev/sdb from 48GB to 140GB in vCenter. However, the operating system is still seeing the old size: [root@build ~]# […]

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ext3 detected aborted journal

This was an interesting exercise in a sense that I have never had a similar filesystem issue in the past. For some unknown reason so far one of the RHEL 5.9 ESXi guests decided to remount /var as read-only. Taking a look at output from dmesg confirmed ext3 had some ordeal going on: EXT3-fs error (device dm-3): ext3_free_blocks_sb: bit already cleared for block 364592 Aborting journal on device dm-3. […]

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Growing mirrored LUN in RedHat

I was putting a RedHat server onto a SAN and I could not find any clear instructions on how to grow a single mirrored LUN on the fly. Anyway, here are some notes on the process. First the setup: Two LUN’s mirrored across two SAN’s with LVM volume on the top of it. I could […]

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