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Mounting Linux NFS share: Not owner

I was trying to mount a RHEL 4 NFS share in Solaris 10. But for whatever reason I just could not seem to get it mounted. It would always come back with “Not owner” error: bash-3.00# mount -F nfs carbon:/media/cdrecorder /mnt/carbon nfs mount: mount: /mnt/carbon: Not owner So, I checked and rechecked my settings with […]

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Increasing number of NFS servers on Sun Cluster

By default Solaris 10 starts 16 NFS servers to handle NFS requests. You can tune this by editing /etc/default/nfs file. # Maximum number of concurrent NFS requests. # Equivalent to last numeric argument on nfsd command line. NFSD_SERVERS=16 Changing above variables did not seem to have any effects on how many NFS server Sun Cluster […]

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NFS4 Invalid inbound domain name

It seems that starting with Solaris 06/07 nfs4_domain is required in sysidcfg file, otherwise jumpstart will go interactive. You can force a value for example or you can set it to be dynamic. In that case the value will be derived from the name service in use. Solaris 10 has nfsmapid daemon that maps […]

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