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There is no screen to be resumed…

I was running a script on a server that took a while to complete. Since I did not want to lose any output I ran it inside a screen session. Of course, during the course of this, my SSH connection dropped and when I logged in again, and tried to reattached to the session I […]

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Copying directories with tar

This is one of those, “can’t seem to memorize something” posts… Sometimes copying files with cp is just painful. Instead: [root@sparky ~]# mkdir /tmp/newopt && mount /dev/mapper/system-opt /tmp/newopt [root@sparky ~]# ( cd /opt && tar –xattrs -cf – . ) | ( cd /tmp/newopt && tar xvfp – ) This will copy files and directories […]

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Resetting readonly shell variable

Recently I inherited a RedHat server, which had system-wide user profile configured something like this: TMOUT=300 readonly TMOUT export TMOUT This was extremely irritating. Spending a few momnents looking at docs and session would time out. The same was true for screen, detached sessions would close. All in all virtually nothing could be done. Then […]

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