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Unable to access console login prompt from ALOM

Not so long ago, I logged into System Controller of SunFire T2000 running Solaris 10 and tried to access server’s console. For some reason, usual console command did not work. It simply did not return anything. I figured maybe something was stuck, so I reset System Controller and tried again. Again, I got nothing, which […]

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Failed Repository Integrity Check

Last week I was presented with the following error on one of the Solaris 10 boxes: svc.configd: smf(5) database integrity check of:  /etc/svc/repository.db  failed. The database might be damaged or a media error might have prevented it from being verified. Additional information useful to your service provider is in:  /etc/svc/volatile/db_errors  The system will not be […]

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Using CVS with SMF

Most services in Solaris 10 are controlled by SMF. SMF uses xml files to define services it manages. I had a need to quickly create a service manifest for CVS. The inetconv command takes an input file with inetd.conf format and converts it into basic SMF manifest and imports it into the SMF repository. In […]

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