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Copying directories with tar

This is one of those, “can’t seem to memorize something” posts… Sometimes copying files with cp is just painful. Instead: [root@sparky ~]# mkdir /tmp/newopt && mount /dev/mapper/system-opt /tmp/newopt [root@sparky ~]# ( cd /opt && tar –xattrs -cf – . ) | ( cd /tmp/newopt && tar xvfp – ) This will copy files and directories […]

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Resetting readonly shell variable

Recently I inherited a RedHat server, which had system-wide user profile configured something like this: TMOUT=300 readonly TMOUT export TMOUT This was extremely irritating. Spending a few momnents looking at docs and session would time out. The same was true for screen, detached sessions would close. All in all virtually nothing could be done. Then […]

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Flashing firmware on SunFire T2000

Not so long ago I had to flash firmware on SunFire T2000. It’s not a complicated thing. I need to do something with Service Controller and in the process I found out that there is no scadm utility on T2000. Why? I am not completely sure. Maybe someone can chime in. It’s probably because T2000 […]

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Unable to access console login prompt from ALOM

Not so long ago, I logged into System Controller of SunFire T2000 running Solaris 10 and tried to access server’s console. For some reason, usual console command did not work. It simply did not return anything. I figured maybe something was stuck, so I reset System Controller and tried again. Again, I got nothing, which […]

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ZFS and swapping

ZFS is great. Obviously. Generally when I do a server I install system on UFS and then mirror disks with SVM. I keep data and apps on ZFS. That’s nice, especially if ZFS is on a SAN. If something happens with the server I can move ZFS pools to a different server, if necessary. The […]

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