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Finding out native instruction set in Solaris

This is one of those commands that I just can not seem to memorize. Among others, isainfo will tell you if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit kernel modules. Check out isainfo man page for more details… ultra$ isainfo -v 64-bit sparcv9 applications 32-bit sparc applications ultra$

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Identifying a failed disk using dd

A while back I had the “fortune” of having to deal with replacement of a failed disk inside a disk array of some HP-UX machine. Never mind lack of any information regarding the hardware setup (dual controllers, multipathing, etc.)… The biggest problem was identifying the failed disk. Oh, and throw some LVM into that… Of […]

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Reading Sun Cluster eventlog

I ran into this topic while searching for something unrelated. I have wondered for a while how I could read Sun Cluster eventlog files. For whatever reason Sun Cluster writes these files in binary format, which is not really helpful. I guess those log files are meant to be seen by Sun engineers only.  I […]

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Jumpstart going interactive

Well, this is kinda interesting… I have put two blank disks into a Sun machine and I tried to Jumpstart the machine. Blank – meaning there was no Sun label on them. Long story short… Everything looked good until Jumpstart went interactive just after checking the rules.ok file: Searching for configuration file(s)… Using sysid configuration […]

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Installing and patching Data Protector client on standalone Solaris machine

I needed to install HP Data Protector 5.5 client on an old machine running Solaris 2.6. I also needed to apply some Data Protector patches to that machine. The problem was I had no Data Protector Install Server for Data Protector version 5.5. Normally, Data Protector clients are installed from Data Protector Install Server. When […]

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