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Another take on Dynamic Volume Resize in RHEL 6

Being able to resize an LVM volume without reboot is quite handy. I had described one way here. This is a slightly different take on the same topic, this time on RHEL 6. I had resized /dev/sdb from 48GB to 140GB in vCenter. However, the operating system is still seeing the old size: [root@build ~]# […]

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fsck: Error determining size of the physical device: File too large

So, I got done patching this fairly important server, running RedHat 5.10. For reasons I will not go into, the server has about 30TB of direct attached storage. After the reboot, one of the filesystems, in this case it had 16TB of storage, failed to pass automatic fsck check on boot. So, I booted it […]

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Dynamically discovering disk volume in RedHat

This is one of those “note to myself” posts. Discovering a new volume on a Linux server is little cruder than it is in Solaris. Obviously, you have to provision a LUN on the storage. I have never tried it but I suppose you could use /usr/bin/ script from sg3_utils package. Anyway, then you need […]

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ext3 detected aborted journal

This was an interesting exercise in a sense that I have never had a similar filesystem issue in the past. For some unknown reason so far one of the RHEL 5.9 ESXi guests decided to remount /var as read-only. Taking a look at output from dmesg confirmed ext3 had some ordeal going on: EXT3-fs error (device dm-3): ext3_free_blocks_sb: bit already cleared for block 364592 Aborting journal on device dm-3. […]

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Accessing Mirrored Metadevice When Booting from CD/DVD

How do you access mirrored root disks when booting into single user mode from either network or DVD/CD? Presumably because of luck I have not been forced into this situation. When booting from DVD or network in single user mode your mirrored root disks will not be available. If you are booting single user mode […]

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