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Oracle syslog madness

Recently, I was asked to look into logging of Oracle 11g audit messages into syslog. One would think this would be simple enough. Everything was configured correctly. Audit messages were arriving to syslog, but a lot of messages seemed to be split into multiple syslog entries. Here is one part of Oracle audit message split […]

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Configuring Tomcat to log via syslog

By default Tomcat does not log to syslog. Due to various reasons I was going to configure Tomcat to log via syslogd on localhost, which would then forward logs to central loghost. This was all done on servers running RHEL 5 and Tomcat 5.5. To do this I used log4j: root@ultra:~# cd /var/lib/tomcat5/common/lib root@ultra:~# ln […]

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