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ZFS and swapping

ZFS is great. Obviously. Generally when I do a server I install system on UFS and then mirror disks with SVM. I keep data and apps on ZFS. That’s nice, especially if ZFS is on a SAN. If something happens with the server I can move ZFS pools to a different server, if necessary. The […]

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Solaris Containers and ZFS

I had to create some containers for developers to do their work. Developers always seem to want root access to a machine. Containers work very nice in this scenario: if a developer messes up his container, I can just clone a new one off a “gold” container. ZFS can be very handy here as well: […]

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Weird disk label after using ZFS on a LUN

If you ever used ZFS on a LUN and then tried to reuse that LUN for UFS you might have noticed a “weird” disk label on it. This is known as EFI label. Here is how it looks in format command: partition> p Current partition table (original): Total disk sectors available: 73383902 + 16384 (reserved […]

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Quick and dirty ZFS cheatsheet

Create simple striped pool: zpool create [pool_name] [device] [device] … zpool create datapool c5t433127A900011C370000C00003210000d0 c5t433127B4001031250000900000540000d0 Create mirrored pool: zpool create [pool_name] mirror [device] [device] … zpool create datapool mirror c5t433127A900011C370000C00003210000d0 c5t433127B4001031250000900000540000d0 Create Raid-Z pool: zpool create [pool_name] raidz [device] [device] [device] … zpool create datapool raidz c5t433127A900011C370000C00003210000d0 c5t433127B4001031250000900000540000d0 c5t439257C4000019250000900000540000d0 Transform simple pool to a mirror: […]

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